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Meet Sebastian

Sebastian is Marks  REDKITE Music Mascot

He goes with Mark to every concert and when not touring, he resides on the piano whenever Mark is tutoring


In August 2006 Sebastian (whos full name is Johann Sebastian…Mark lol) was created by a lady who volunteered her time with the Illawarra Cancer Patient Support Group

She had lost her own son to cancer


Mark purchased Seb at the inaugural Illawarra Cancer Patient Support Group Seminar in 2006

He was introduced to the audience immediately and has sat atop the piano ever since.


A few years on the ladies in the ICPSG created a lady version for Sebastian and she was known briefly as the Pink Partner, (photo) however someone seems to have kidnapped her and Sebastian now finds himself partnerless

A couple of years further, Prokofiev appeared (photo)  and although he’s certainly no substitute for the sweet Pink Partner he has become Sebastian’s trusty body-guard.


You can send an email to Sebastian and join the growing number of Sebastian Supporters at

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