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SKU: MMUnreqOct2023

by Australian Composer MARK MATTHEWS - October 2023

This poignant piano composition sits in the key of A minor.


Utilising a RH five finger position throughout and a fixed four chord, chord progression, it follows this sequence:

Am F G E (with some embellishments to make the harmonies and tonality a little more interesting and bar 19 is effectively FMaj7)

This has been prepared for Grade 2, 3 and 4 in AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) level, to give the student and teacher options in using it in your repertoire.

Studio licensed at 4 copies per purchase.


Use the video as a guide to assist in the learning process.

ENJOY THE 4/4 5/4 alternations (effevtiviely 9/4) and final theme goes to 6/4


Approximate durations are:

Grade 2 - 1’20”

Grade 3 - 2’20”

Grade 4 - 2’40”  (extended LH 10ths, you can arpeggiate if required)

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